Ashik Ul Haque Helps SME’s and Brands Grow Digitally through Innovative Ideas

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We have run into umpteen successful business stories in this digital era. The last decade roughly has seen the uprising of several entrepreneurs and their successful ventures. Today let’s have a look into a guy who helps SME’s and brands grow digitally to attain great heights of success through his progressive ideas.

Doesn’t that sound interesting! Ashik Ul Haque comes from a modest family, found in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. He's an effective digital entrepreneur and key tech and business influencer. During the last 7 years, he has helped around 1500 SME’s and brands of all levels. Once shy and introverted, Ashik Ul Haque is writing a book on “Digital Entrepreneurship” which is available on Amazon and Google books. Meanwhile, he has been contributing as an author on different newspapers and portals of broadcasting TV channels.

He has worked immensely hard with determination to reach this position in life and had set big benchmarks for others to follow. Ashik opines that “Life has its conditions to define fair. No matter who you are or what your location is from, you can truly change your situation and also have impressive results in the event that you give yourself the means.”

However, Ashik initiated to become digital entrepreneur; he founded “VirtuStaffs” in 2015, among the leading information and technology-enabled service (ITES) providers around the world. VirtuStaffs has a amazing number of clients from various areas of the world like the USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Germany, Israel, Bangladesh, and more.

“Virtustaffs has so far portrayed brilliant illustration of tremendous growth and outstanding ITES and Software services with impressive ideas and up-to-date tech support. With the help of technology, we've made the world smaller and we show our customers the best way to minimize their costly pitfalls. We help you being global and express digitally.

The way to do business today won't remain the same tomorrow. Virtustaffs provides insights about how exactly to unlock a new market which has no boundary. Virtustaffs has established itself as a pioneer in customer retention with its superior tech support.” said Ashik Ul Haque .

“We show you how to clinch the maximum ROI regardless if the economy is in its worst condition. Budget, turnover, consistent, track record, expertise, start-up, entrepreneurs, trading. Assisting small, medium, and large-sized companies, you can expect ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) and Software services with unbeatable quality and price that can't be matched.” added Ashik Ul Haque.

Ashik Ul Haque portrayed brilliant illustrations of tremendous growth and outstanding IT/ITES and Software services with progressive ideas and up-to-date tech support to customers around the world.

Ashik believes when you begin your own business - two things one should take into account - “BE BOLD AND MEET UP WITH THE NEED”. If you won't meet the need of customers and the marketplace, you may be never able to solve the problems that your most elementary thing of a business to attain the goal.

We see many business turn off in short time period due to insufficient several points like explained by Ashik - “ meet a need, know how to sell and deliver to create satisfaction, recommendation to create virtuous circle around the business we are developing. Most of these require good information and support.”

As Ashik has wide knowledge on digital entrepreneurship and drawback of it, he creates an ecosystem to aid businesses. The young entrepreneur says - “We accompany beginners, intermediate or advanced entrepreneurs with coaching, training, mentoring and with an ecosystem of the firms that we have created, so that you can react to each need and problem.”

Ashik’s main objective is to create profit in every stages of business. In his first project called - The Art of Digital Growth, Ashik accompanied a lot more than 2,000 SME’s and brands and completed the project successfully.

He works for all whether it's providers, coaches and web businesses also law firms, wealth management firms, loan brokers or insurers. The wide spectrum of services under one umbrella supplied by Ashik has been highly instrumental for most upcoming entrepreneurs to master their game and put the right foot forwards in terms of profit and earnings generation through digitization.

Ashik is a multi-faceted digital entrepreneur, IT analyst, author, e-business strategist, researcher, and influencer. He has come a long way since 2015 when he officially first started his IT/ITES enabled business venture.

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