Bangladesh suspends Nepal flights to curb Covid spread

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has suspended flights from Nepal after positioning it on Group A category for travelling restrictions to avoid the spread of new variants of coronavirus in the united states.

“In order to decrease the threat of fur4ther spreading of coronavirus from the increasingly afflicted friendly countries, it's been made a decision to place Nepal in the set of Group A of the circular under reference. This circular will be effective from May 10 2021 until further notice and all the instructions in the circular under reference will apply in this regard,” a notice said on Sunday.

Until this decision, Nepal was in the Group C category which only required incoming passengers from these countries of origin will need to complete 14-day strict home quarantine.

Earlier on May 1, CAAB issued a circular imposing special conditions on happen to be 38 countries, taking into consideration the threat of Covid-19 transmission.

In line with the circular, countries have already been categorized under three groups -- A, B and C -- for transporting passengers.

For countries under Group A, no incoming (as the idea of origin) or outgoing passengers will be allowed to and from Bangladesh.


Only Bangladeshi expatriates/citizens on a visit (not residing) to these countries in the last 15 days will be permitted to travel to Dhaka so long as they have special approval or authorization from Bangladesh authorities.

On arrival, they'll complete a mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine at a government nominated hotel at their own expense, the circular said.

In addition, it made mandatory for all incoming and outgoing passengers, aside from children below the age of 10, to have a PCR-based Covid-19 negative certificate.

Nepal has been struggling to include a massive surge of Covid-19 cases as infections spill over from neighbouring India's deadly second wave.

In the last three weeks, Nepal's daily case trajectory has raised with two out of five persons tested now returning positive. On Friday, Nepal reported 9,023 cases, the best single day increase.

A lot more than 3,500 persons have died since the pandemic began, 400 of these in the last fourteen days alone, according to official figures.

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