Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Impressive but impractical

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The first major phones of the entire year are here, and Samsung has been its usual ambitious self. The business unleashed a trio of new flagships in its S20 series, and for the first time, it introduced a souped-up Ultra variant alongside the standard S20 and S20+. The S20 Ultra is big and beefy, though with a starting price of $1,400, it is also very expensive. It provides a long list of impressive specs and intriguing features, such as a triple camera system with a 108-megapixel sensor that may zoom up to 100x. But do these features make an excellent phone?

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Powerful performance
Vibrant display
Versatile camera setup
Heavy build
Exorbitant price

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is… a whole lot. It has a huge screen with an extremely high refresh rate, an extremely sharp selfie camera and support for speedy 5G. It also features a trio of advanced cameras on its rear that may shoot up to 108-megapixel-sharp pictures, 8K video and get as close as 100x to a topic. But Samsung’s camera software is pretty rough. Plus, the Ultra’s size and weight make it unwieldy and basically impossible to match most pockets. The S20 Ultra is a superb phone, But for a whopping $1,400, it requires to become more than good. And sadly it falls shy of greatness.

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