Increasing tourism’s contribution to GDP

Tourism is very secure, profitable and prestigious business in the world. But in Bangladesh recent militants attack in Dhaka on July 2016 could affect investors confidence and undermine economic growth of Bangladesh according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and 28 people including 17 foreigners were killed. That’s why tourist felt lassitude pertaining to tourism to come in Bangladesh. Although we got lots of tourism sports near about 800 sites and economically contributed just over 4% in GDP. The world tourism day on 27 September 2016 with a specific theme is ‘Tourism for all: Promoting Universal Accessibility’. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared as like as sagacious that 2016 as tourism year in Bangladesh and setting a target to double the number of foreign tourists to one million. Although tourism sector of Bangladesh has vast opportunities to contribute more in GDP. 
In the modern age the cultures of one country or society is open for all. Mostly, tourism is one of the biggest rising industries in the world. It has grown, especially over the last few decades, by leaps and bounds. It is rising because the global citizen now takes even the slightest of chances to visit uncharted territory. So, all the countries are eager to invest more and more in tourism. It has its rich rewards, but there are drawbacks too. To observe the beauty of nature like Bangladesh, huge amount of domestic and foreign tourists can visit the country and its tourist attraction sites. Nowadays, tourism is one of the major sources of income for many countries. Tourism is an important driver of economic growth and tourism can create employment.
When we compare the development of tourism sector in Bangladesh with Maldives, Sri -lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, and India, the statistics shows Bangladesh is far behind from these countries due to leaking of strategic development, implementation and very weak marketing system. Recently government restructured the tourism sectors in Bangladesh, but it does not meet to accept the challenge criteria of the tourism sector compare to other develop countries. We all agreed that there are few good hotels or motel in Bangladesh but service level is very poor due to un-skills manpower. Because time does not wait for anybody and it is too late to get the world market in the tourism sectors. 
If we look at the low- and middle-income countries with the largest number of overnight visitors, we see that China, Malaysia, and Thailand, all East Asia and Pacific region countries, are among the top visited countries by tourist arrivals and tourist receipts.  Europe and Central Asia is the second most popular tourist region (Turkey), followed by Latin America and Caribbean (Mexico), Middle East and North Africa (Egypt), Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa), and South Asia (India).China has remained the top tourist destination among low- and middle-income countries since it overtook Mexico in 1996. While Mexico’s tourism numbers have dwindled significantly since, the list of top ten countries across all incomes for tourist arrivals still includes three low- and middle-income countries: China, Turkey, and Malaysia. On the other hand Turkey took advantage to provide cheaper tourism facilities for their visitors. 
Pragmatically I have noticed that while traveling Turin railway station to Rome in Italy for visiting multifarious tourist places which 724 kilometer far between the cities, it takes 4 hour and 30 minute by bullet train. But in our country Dhaka to Coxs bazaar 400 kilometer far it takes almost 9 hour if highway road is gridlock free by bus. So communication should be easier for attracting the tourist across the nation and international.
Tourism would be important in Bangladesh due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied in businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associate with tourism. These service industries include transportation services such as cruise ships and taxis, buses airlines, trains, accommodation such as hotels restaurants, bars and entertainment venues and other hospitality industry services and resorts and one of the world longest Cox’s  Bazar sea beach  in Bangladesh.
According to World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) report (2014), in regards of Bangladesh that the total contribution of travel and tourism was 4.4% of GDP in 2013 and is expected to grow 7.9% to 4.5% of GDP in 2014. It is forecasted to rise by 6.5% per annum to 4.7% of GDP by 2024. Here notable that, total contribution consists of direct, indirect and induced contribution. Similar to Bangladesh Bank and the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) that the earnings from the sector recorded at 145.74 million US dollars in 2015 compared to 158.09 million US dollars in 2014. 
In added that international tourist arrivals is expected to total to 278,000 in 2026, bringing Tk 22.4 billion in the country, showing an increase by 7.1 percent. The direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in 2015 was Tk 407.6 billion which is 2.4 percent of GDP.  
This is expected to rise by 5.2 percent to Tk 428.9 billion in 2016 which primarily reflects the economic activity generated by industries. Travel and tourism generated 11,38,500 jobs directly in 2015 which is 2 percent of total employment and this is likely to grow by 1.5 percent in 2016 to 11,55,500 which will be 2.0 percent of the country’s total employment.
To materialize the theme of this year, Bangladesh needs to do a lot. At the same time tourism industry of Bangladesh can contribute to achieving the country's vision for 2021 in many ways. However, it requires many short, mid and long term projects with sufficient budgetary allocation for develop the tourism sector in Bangladesh like: -Ensuring re-structure, review, and up-date present tourism policies in Bangladesh. Tourism related college/university/institute establish in the country. Students can learn practical experience in live environment.Create a combined tourism marketing system like electronics sharing systems. 
Moreover, need world class master plan incorporated with our culture and heritage. Establish a strong monitoring development system in regional basis. Political stability should be maintained to attract the foreign tourist.Government should take the actions about the security system at the tourist place. Make sure tourism friendly environment in Bangladesh and to market its tourism potential in both domestic and foreign nations. Country is connected with the internet service. Must be ensure the participation of physically challenged people. Make sure easy visa processing for international tourist.
Whereas the rate of employment is 90 %, which is below expected level. Many of the people are illegally crossing border in the hope of better life. In order to improve employment rate and to stop the illegal migration, government has to take and implement some projects and policies, through this, it has to try to receive the social, cultural and economic benefits of the tourism sector.
In a laconic, for rising Bangladesh to consider all aspect of development of the country including tourism sector as more important than any other sectors in Bangladesh. But the proper plan, controlling, strategic marketing and implementation will create million jobs. Bangladesh can be one of the major tourist attractive country in the world in near future.

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