Jabbar: We must be equipped for the fourth commercial revolution

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Kazi Nabil Ahmed advised the students to get ready themselves as much manufacturers are destined for Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries

Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar has said Bangladesh missed the first, second and third professional revolutions but won't miss the fourth professional revolution at all.

“So, we have to prepare yourself from now,” he said in a career webinar titled “Startup Opportunities in ICT Sector” on Saturday night.

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) Career Services Office (CSO) arranged the career session.

As the principle guest, Mustafa Jabbar said the whole world has changed now because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is largely reliant on digital services, which was beyond imagination a good few days ago.

“The internet is similar to breathing now. We provides the web to every student, nonetheless they need devices too that the universities need to come forward,” he added. 

“We want to supply the devices to the students for payment on installments,” said the Post and Telecommunications minister.

He suggested the students to take challenges and not simply count on textbooks - as you will find a lot to learn beyond the textbooks.

Mustafa Jabbar said: “I respect Gemcon Group Founder Kazi Shahid Ahmed because he was the first one to understand the importance of computers to create news in print media.”

“When the first computer found the united states, he asked the journalists of his newspaper Daily Ajker Kagoj to choose computer training.”

”Nowadays, the computer is very essential in the media industry,” he added.

‘Be successful by overcoming challenges’

ULAB board of trustees’ member Kazi Nabil Ahmed, also the vice chairman of Gemcon Group, said to the students: “If you wish to be successful, you will need to face many obstacles. You may be successful by overcoming the challenges.”

“Our family is rolling out many initiatives -- Gemcon Group, Meena Bazar, ULAB, Dhaka Tribune. etc. by overcoming many obstacles.”

Kazi Nabil advised the students to get ready themselves because many manufacturers are leaving China now, and their destinations are in Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries. 

“So, we must prepare us to get these investments,” he added.

“Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently implemented the imagine Digital Bangladesh and we have achieved 90% success,” said Kazi Nabil Ahmed, also the Person in Parliament from Jessore-3.

Oracle Bangladesh Country Director and Pulse Healthcare Services Founder Rubaba Dowla Matin said that the pandemic has created various ways and increased our reliance on digital services. 

She advised the ULAB students to focus on technology and digital services as their uses have increased through the pandemic.

Rubaba Dowla Matin emphasized on good planning career development. She said that a plan must be set, that ought to explain what you must do today to achieve your goals tomorrow.

ULAB Vice Chancellor Professor HM Jahirul Haque addressed the welcome speech in the event.

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