Penticton construction company teams up with OK College to offer carpentry program

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Okanagan College is teaming up with Greyback Construction to provide training on a Penticton construction site.

The 30-week Carpenter Foundation program starts in Penticton on Jan. 30 and it’s not too late to apply. Practicum partner Greyback Construction will be inviting this class on-site to participate in a residential building project. During the program, students will learn under the direction of an Okanagan College instructor while working alongside members of the Greyback Construction team to gain real-life experience on a construction site. This program introduces students to all aspects of the trade including the use of hand tools, portable power tools and other equipment used by carpenters. While working with an industry partner on a residential wood frame project, students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of materials including lumber, panel products, concrete, fasteners and hardware.

Upon successful completion, graduates of this program will receive technical training credits Level 1 and work hours towards their apprenticeship. After gaining experience in the industry, they can return as apprentices for the Level 2 Apprenticeship program.

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