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Bangladesh Embassy and the Bangladesh Forum Qatar (BFQ) held a Community Outreach Programme to promote “Made in Bangladesh” Exhibition

The first ever Bangladeshi trade fair in Qatar, Made in Bangladesh, is going to be held at the prestigious venue ‘Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre’ from December 10-12, 2019 to showcase Bangladeshi products and build bridges between businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs from Bangladesh and their counterparts in Qatar which has emerged as a center of wealth and commerce in the Middle East. The Bangladesh Embassy and the Bangladesh Forum Qatar (BFQ) - a registered organization of Bangladeshi professionals and businessmen in Qatar - arranged an outreach programme at the Radisson Blu Hotel Doha on September 13 as the first step to involve the members of Bangladeshi community in Qatar in the successful organization of the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ event.

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Qatar Ashud Ahmed, along with other high officials of the Embassy, representatives of Bangladeshi community organizations and Bangladeshi businessmen were present at the outreach event which was moderated by Israt Ara Younus, one of the organizing members of the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ event.

The founding President of BFQ Iftekhar Ahmad gave the welcome speech. He introduced the BFQ and its different initiatives to members of Bangladeshi community and highlighted the importance of their active participation to make the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ event fruitful for enhancing the image of Bangladesh and upholding the potential trade and investment portfolio of Bangladesh in Qatar.  

Vice president of BFQ and team leader of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ from the BFQ, Yusuf Saeed presented, in details, the potential 18 major sectors of Bangladesh which are expected to participate in this event, and also gave details about the venue management, stall information, opportunities of the local business community in Qatar and other useful information about the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ exhibition. He also added that Bangladeshi companies and the local business communities in Qatar can enjoy the benefit of showcasing their products and services as well as sharing mutual experiences by meeting prospective Qatari partners.

Different community organizations who were present at the event appreciated the initiative. They spontaneously shared their valuable suggestions as to how best they could contribute to holding the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ exhibition from their respective positions. Later in the programme, the Embassy representative and the senior members of the BFQ responded to the questions and queries made at the Q&A session. Md Mahbur Rahman, First Secretary, mentioned that ‘Made in Bangladesh’ is part of Bangladesh Government’s efforts to boost up economic diplomacy. He also said that Bangladesh Embassy has been working with concerned authorities in Bangladesh as well as in Qatar to make the event successful.  

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Qatar emphasized that collective efforts from each member of the Bangladesh community is essential to imprint the perception about true Bangladesh in the host society. He added that Bangladesh has made enviable progress in many sectors which could be showcased in the upcoming ‘Made in Bangladesh’ exhibition. In this connection, he thanked the Bangladesh Forum Qatar (BFQ) for taking up the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ initiative. He called upon all members of the Bangladesh community to collectively contribute to the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ exhibition from their respective positions. He also called upon the Bangladeshi Community in Qatar to organize value added programme alongside Government’s initiatives to enhance Bangladesh’s bilateral cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, health and education viz a viz manpower export with Qatar in the context of enviable socio-economic progress of Bangladesh for the last decade.

Abdul Halim, Senior Member of Bangladesh Forum Qatar, made the closing remarks thanking members of Bangladesh community in Qatar including the print and electronic media for their spontaneous participation at the outreach programme.

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