Skiwear as a Fashion Statement: Goldbergh’s Puffer Jackets Bring Couture to the Slopes

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In the world of winter sports, the conversation around skiwear has long shifted - it's no longer just about performance on the slopes but equally about making a fashion statement. In the past years, a plethora of brands at the intersection of luxury, quality and confident styles have set new benchmarks around skiwear that combines fashion and function.

As such, Goldbergh has redefined the skiwear landscape since its inception in Amsterdam in 2010. It goes beyond mere functionality, encapsulating a fiercely feminine aesthetic with classic silhouettes and head-turning fashion elements. Co-founders Lieke van den Berg and Sandra Peet have seamlessly blended their sportswear design expertise and retail acumen to craft a line that thrives both on snowy peaks and urban streets.

Puffer Jackets 2.0: Refined Details and Bold Colours
For their most recent collection, the fashion-forward skiwear brand presents imaginative interpretations of a true winter classic: the puffer. Far from the traditional puffy layers, these jackets are reimagined with a sense of sporty couture, integrating unexpected details that resonate with modern fashion sensibilities. From ruffles that add a soft, feminine touch to sparkling embellishments that catch the alpine sunlight, Goldbergh's puffers speak the language of fashion. The use of gradient hues and pastel colorways in some designs lends an air of whimsy and wonder, indicative of the brand's playful and imaginative spirit.

An exploration of Goldbergh's array of ski jackets reveals the breadth of their stylistic offerings. A puffer in a rich rose hue embodies opulence against the snow, while another presents a monochromatic landscape of dots and stars, a playful nod to timeless patterns reworked into contemporary expressions. Bright yellows and pinks in the collection showcase Goldbergh's embrace of color, while the electric blue pieces speak to the wearer's vivacity. Each jacket, with its unique blend of style and practicality, is designed for the woman who moves with purpose and wishes to express her individuality.

Goldbergh's international acclaim and presence in over 70 countries stand as testimony to its quality and craftsmanship. The brand caters to women who prioritize both their performance and their aesthetic appeal. It's not merely about wearing a jacket; it's about donning a piece that complements one's personality, whether one is navigating a black diamond slope or strolling through a wintry cityscape. As Goldbergh continues to innovate and lead the way in skiwear fashion, it remains a beacon for those who dare to stand out, combining the practical with the fashionable in a statement of true independence.

Winter Wonderland in London: Goldbergh opens pop-up at Selfridges
Just in time for the winter season, Goldbergh has opened a pop-up at London’s renowned department store Selfridges. Located in the heart of the city, the temporary store will remain open until mid-March, offering customers an on-site experience of the brand’s creations.

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