Step inside a train gallery of colorful bridal curtain designs while savoring panoramic view along Noto Peninsula

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Japan Rail has come up with a number of intriguing theme trains from north to south that surely entice all travelers to explore every region with an added spice.

In Kanazawa, the enchanting Hanayome Noren sightseeing train runs twice daily from Kanazawa Station to Wakura Onsen in the Noto Peninsula with stops at Hakui and Nanao. The two-car train that seats 52 passengers is most admirable for its interior decoration of traditional motifs reflecting the arts of the Hokuriku region, namely Wajima lacquerware, Kaga-Yuzen silk dyeing, and Kanazawa gold leaf. The name Hanayome Noren refers to “bridal curtain,” based on Ishikawa Prefecture’s ancient custom of presenting brides with sophisticated noren curtains as a celebratory gift of eternal happiness.

Interior Design Elements
Each of the eight compartments in Car 1 is designed with colorful seasonal patterns of Yuzen dyed kimono—cherry and plum blossom, dianthus, fan painting, clematis, chrysanthemum, autumn foliage, azure, and bamboo—segregated by wooden poles that swerve along the aisles. The entrance to the car displays Wajima lacquerware and stunning Kanazawa gold leafing on the walls. The aisles are carpeted with stepping stone patterns found in Japanese gardens. A small glass-encased exhibition display of traditional crafts and souvenir corner are also located in this car.

Car 2 features a more spacious layout with some rotating seats facing the window. Ornamented likewise, with gold leaf and lacquerware, and carpet design of a flowing river, the coach hosts events, parties and performances. The train exterior is a sight to relish with its red and black tints modeled after lacquerware, and silk kimono patterns of flowers, maple leaves, and butterflies.


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