The sacred historic Trans Bhutan hiking trail is all set to reopen after 60 years!

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The Kingdom of Bhutan is all set to reopen its famous and sacred Trans Bhutan Trail to travellers after 60 years! The 400 km long historic trail will reopen after two years of extensive restoration in March 2022. There will be two new active trekking itineraries, an 11-day Camp the Trans Bhutan Trail trip and a 12-day Highlights of the Trans Bhutan Trail.

A statement shared by G Adventures, the team behind the restoration work, read, "We're honored to be working with the Bhutan Canada Foundation and the Trans Bhutan Trail to launch the newly restored trail in magical Bhutan."

More about the historic trail

The origin of the sacred trail dates back more than a thousand years! The trail is considered revered because it served as the pilgrimage route for Buddhists to travel to several revered sites in Bhutan and Tibet. The trail was used by messengers, monks and traders for thousands of years. But unfortunately after construction of the national highway in the 1960s, the trail's stairways were destroyed.

Now, with the support of Bhutan Canada Foundation and the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the trail is all set to reopen in March 2021 with the promise of new adventures.

For those who don't know, Bhutan is one of only two carbon-negative countries in the world. It is also among the 10 biodiversity hotspots. The revered trail will go through some incredible mountain ridges and beautiful lush valleys. It will also connect more than a dozen towns and villages with several historic and cultural sites in the country including 9 Dzong Fortresses.

The two new trails on the Trans Bhutan Trail will depart on May 1, 2022 and these are available to book now. The cost of the trail is $3149 per person.


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