Tourist gang-raped at Spanish resort while attackers filmed assault: report

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Five French tourists and one Swiss tourist were arrested after allegedly gang-raping an 18-year-old British woman at a popular tourist destination in Spain.

Spanish Civil Guard police announced the arrests of the French and Swiss tourists Wednesday on the island of Mallorca in the popular tourist town of Calvià, according to a report from The Associated Press.

Police say the alleged rape happened Monday, when they were alerted to the case by the staff of a hotel on the island who had discovered the British woman crying in desperation following the alleged assault. The alleged victim told police she met the suspected rapists Monday and went to the hotel room of one of the suspects and was subsequently sexually assaulted by all six. Police also said a judge on the case found video clips of the alleged rape on at least one of the suspects' phones.

The alleged victim, who has not been named by police, received immediate medical attention and counsel, police said, while the six suspects, all reported to be 20 years old, were detained shortly after the incident was reported.

The Civil Guard took the six detainees before a judge in a court in Palma de Mallorca on Tuesday, and they continue to be held in jail. None of them have been formally charged, and the investigation is still ongoing. Further details about the suspects and their identities have yet to be released by police.

The incident marks the second case of an alleged gang rape by tourists on the island in a matter of weeks. In mid-July, six young German men were arrested for allegedly gang-raping an 18-year-old German tourist at a hotel on Mallorca. 

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