USA straight down 31.78% in cotton trouser import value in 2020

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USA has seen a substantial downfall of 31.78 % in its value-wise cotton trouser import in January-July ’20 period. The full total import of cotton trousers valued US $ 5.03 billion in the mentioned period, regarding to OTEXA.

Bangladesh, the most notable cotton trouser exporter to USA, stayed far before China and Vietnam in spite of noting 25.64 per cent Y-o-Y downfall. Total export of cotton trousers from Bangladesh valued US $ 1.13 billion in January-July ’20 period.

Vietnam grabbed the second rank in the tally with US $ 939.62 million worth of cotton trouser shipment to USA in the review period, marking 9.39 % yearly downfall.

China tumbled massively by 58.82 % to clock US $ 658.62 million in its respective cotton trouser shipment to USA.

India plunged by 40.13 % to US $ 132.81 million worth of cotton trouser shipment to USA in 2020.

Cambodia, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Myanmar were the only countries to grow within their cotton trouser shipment to USA found in January-July ’20 period by 3.62 per cent, 25.26 %, 2.88 per cent and 117 %, respectively.

This indicates that one product categories have become growth propelling categories for these countries in COVID-19 time.

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