Honeywell Teams with Nexii to Help Builders Save on Construction, Energy Costs

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Nexii Building Solutions, a green construction technology company, has named Honeywell as the exclusive building technologies supplier for new buildings; the strategic alliance will help Nexii construct buildings with reduced environmental impact, including energy savings and operational efficiencies.

The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator can save users up to 30% in facility energy costs, improve visibility into building portfolio performance, and help facility managers optimize occupant comfort, operational performance and asset management, Nexii says.

The companies will integrate Nexii expertise in high-performance and efficient building systems with the Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator powered by Honeywell Forge, a scalable building portfolio management system designed specifically for small- to medium-sized buildings.

Such an alliance may be useful to the construction industry, as more than 90% of the US commercial building stock consists of properties under 50,000 square feet — and most of these buildings lack a proper building management system to manage energy use. The Honeywell solution enables multi-site businesses to drive smarter building operations and meet compliance requirements, the company says.

Nexii’s high-performance green building products are precision-manufactured in plants to project specifications using 3D software. This allows Nexii panels to be able to fit together like jigsaw pieces onsite, accelerating standard build times by 50% to 75%, according to the company. This process – where Nexii products are manufactured offsite and assembled onsite – enables Nexii to eliminate significant construction waste.

Recent Nexii projects include a first-of-its-kind Starbucks café built using Nexii’s construction technology located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, developed to support Starbucks Canada’s aspiration to operate more eco-friendly stores under its global sustainability strategy. Nexii says the Starbucks was completed in just six days.

Nexii anticipates that its technology will also reduce the Starbucks café’s operational building carbon emissions by approximately 30% compared to traditionally constructed buildings.

Sustainable Living Solutions (SLI) is another building technology company that pre-builds a construction product in a factory. SLI says its panels make constructing a net-zero energy building faster and more affordable than traditional building. The pre-built, tech-enabled panels made by SLI are created with pre-installed electrical wiring, plumbing and mechanical equipment. On-site, crews are erecting a high-rise by fitting the panels together in a precise sequence. Because there is less on-site construction work required, the building — 303 Battery in Seattle — will go up more quickly than a conventional building, the company says. 

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