The Potential for Recycling Old Farm Equipment

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Do you have old farm equipment on your land? Sometimes, old machinery comes with a property when you purchase it. Other times, old equipment may have belonged to previous generations of your family who worked the land. Most of this old equipment is past its prime and makes your farm look like a junkyard.

Fortunately, many old pieces of farm equipment still hold value. You can either donate them to a second-hand shop or sell them as scrap. Depending on where you live, this can make you a bit of money while cleaning up your property. Keep reading to learn more about the potential for recycling old farm equipment.

 Benefits of Recycling
The number one benefit of recycling old farm equipment is improved property appearance. Instead of looking at rusting machinery, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of forests and fields. Cleaning up old machinery will motivate you to improve other parts of your property and keep everything nicely maintained.

Recycling old equipment is also good for the environment. Sometimes, old equipment contains toxic materials that can leach into the environment. Proper recycling disposes of these materials so they can’t pollute water, land, or air. If your equipment is valuable, you could also make a bit of money by recycling it.

What Items Can You Scrap?
If something is made of metal, you can probably scrap it. Non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and brass are especially valuable. Here are a few examples of farm equipment with metal components you can recycle:

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Electronic components on old equipment can often be recycled, too. These are built with valuable elements that can be extracted and reused to build new electronic devices. If you’re not sure whether you can scrap something, just ask the company you’re working with. Most scrap companies have a list of items they aren’t able to process.

How to Scrap Old Equipment
If you’re ready to scrap old farm equipment, start by taking stock of what you have. Get as much information as you can about each piece of machinery – what type of equipment it is, what shape it’s in, and how old you think it is. Next, phone local scrap companies to learn more about compensation and whether they offer free transportation.

Pick the company that suits you and then start hauling that old equipment off your property. If you have to transport it, you’ll need chains, a tire pump, and a vehicle strong enough to pull everything. Some basic tools like wrenches and WD-40 may also come in handy. Coordinate with the scrap company and hand over your old equipment.

How Much Money Will You Make?
The profit you make will depend on many different factors. Some metals are more valuable than others. The price for scrap material will also depend on where you live and how much new material is available. To find out the exact amount you’ll make, you need to contact local companies and ask about their rates.

Some people have reported making $100–$500 from selling scrap metal. However, other farmers may just break even since they have to run machinery to haul the metal off their property. For most farmers, money from scrap metal is simply a side benefit to getting old machinery off of their property.

Start a Side Business
If you enjoy the process of cleaning old machines off your property, consider turning this into a side hustle. Many farmers have old equipment they don’t know what to do with. You could take away their old machines for a small fee and then either resell or recycle what you obtain. This is a needed service where you can make a small, steady profit.

Chances are good you already know several families with unwanted machinery on their property. If not, driving back roads in farm country is a great way to find old equipment. It’s also an opportunity to connect with your neighbors and grow a scrap business by word of mouth.

Clean Up the Farm
Recycling old farm machinery is better for the environment, your wallet, and your view.

Follow these tips to start cleaning up your farm today. You won’t know how much you can make off old equipment until you try. Regardless of compensation, your property will be better maintained and a healthier place for wildlife. If you really enjoy the process, you could even turn it into a side business.


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