Venice government asks tourists to help reduce the pollution in the city

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Venice, one of the most beautiful Italian holiday destinations in the world, is trying everything possible to reduce the pollution in the city. The Italian government is asking tourists to keep all Venice canals, streets and squares neat and clean and pollution free. In a recent update, the Italian government has asked tourists to drink water from public fountains instead of using plastic water bottles.

To educate tourists, the officials have also started a marketing campaign to advertise the request. Every year, lakhs of tourists visit Italy and now that the country has removed most of its COVID-19 travel restrictions, tourism is nearly back to the old days.

To make things easier for tourists, the officials have started issuing maps of public drinking fountains in the St. Mark’s Square, which is a historic attraction of Venice. All in all, there are some 126 public drinking fountains that are considered safe to drink out of and avoid using plastic water bottles.

As per data, tourism is responsible for nearly 40 percent of waste production in Venice. Now that the tourism industry is recovering from the pandemic, city officials are looking for measures to keep the local environment clean from tourism.

Venice, however, has been suffering from over-tourism for a long time and has been trying hard to keep a check on tourist numbers. To keep a tab on numbers, the country has announced plans to charge an entry fee for day visitors, which will likely be implemented from 2023.


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