Dream71 Teams up with JU for Industry 4.0 Products

Dream71 is a top application and software developing company who have tagged along with Jahangirnagar University for their further trek of different sites of science and technology like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. The fourth industrial revolution is the main focus of this team. The agreement between these two groups of people was signed on the main campus of Jahangirnagar University in the last week. 

The managing director of Dream71 Bangladesh, Rashad Kabir and Jahangirnagar University’s Institute of Information Technology’s director, Mesbahuddin Sarker was present during the agreement. The agreement had concluded with a successful signing session. 

Dream71 Bangladesh is planning for further improvement and expansion of their company. Currently, they are exporting in more than 9 different countries and having an office in Japan and Bangladesh both. Their predominant plan is to make their staff and faculty member specialized and expertized in their own sector possessing the required skill. 

According to Rashad Kabir; the Managing Director of Dream71, there is a vast gap in skills, which are required in the industry and it is important to minimize the existing and vast gap. Academic and Industrial collaboration was much needed for the country, which will bring the top and highly experienced professors and the engineers of the country together to come up with great output. This will without a doubt be a great benefit for both, teachers and engineers.

For grabbing the offshore markets, it is important for Bangladesh to start preparing itself. Taking this step will be helping Bangladesh to dominate in the upcoming years. 

Jahangirnagar University’s IIT Faculties stated that Artificial Intelligence is becoming a buzzword in the industry of technology and people can expect to see a disruptive Artificial Intelligence product within the upcoming decade. 

Bizbangladesh dictates that collaboration of engineers and reputable professors of a topnotch university like Jahangirnagar can help to come up with a magnificent output in the upcoming years. It is a great initiative Dream71 is taking. Bizbangladesh also congratulates Dream71 for the successes they have achieved in the trek of technology and science. 

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