Cone Denim collaborates with Oritain for cotton traceability

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Cone Denim, a head found in denim authenticity and sustainable innovation, has collaborated with Oritain, the merchandise and offer chain traceability specialist.

With this, Cone Denim becomes the first denim mill to look at highest level of end-to-end traceability. This jots down Cone Denim’s commitment towards sustainable and liable sourcing.

The Oritain method for traceability utilises the forensic science and statistics to identify naturally occurring components in the cotton itself - thus eliminating the needs of any additional foreign tracers such as spray or particles.

The cotton inherits origin fingerprints that derive from soil composition and different environmental factors certain to each location.

Once created, these fingerprints cannot be altered or destroyed. The products can be analyzed for authenticity at any stage in the source chain.

“Through scientific verification of cotton origin, customers could be assured that Cone Denim products usually do not contain any cotton from prohibited regions, offering an elevated level of confidence and scientific satisfaction to your customers and our wider stakeholders,” said Steve Maggard, President, Cone Denim.

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