Veri raises $4M to ship sensor to screen blood sugar

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Veri has raised $4 million in financing to start shipping it has the glucose sensor that monitors your blood vessels sugar for preventative wellness.

The Helsinki, Finland-based company views itself as a food intelligence company, as its sensor and the accompanying software can help persons understand their optimal diet to increase the state of their metabolic health. The idea is to make blood sugars readings as commonplace as heart and soul readings, which are now conveniently deciphered by smartphones, wearables, and their apps. The Veri iphone app is only on iOS for now.

The $4 million includes Veri’s pre-seed and seed rounds of funding, led by ProFounders. Other traders involve Lifeline Ventures, Accel, and many angel investors, incorporating Johannes Schildt, CEO of Kry/Livi; and Kristian Ranta, CEO of Meru Health and wellbeing. “Veri” means “bloodstream” in Finnish.

The combo of Veri’s application with a wearable blood glucose tracker provides real-time feedback on food choices. The merchandise gives its users deep insights by analyzing personalized blood sugar in the context of training and sleep habits. I’ve tried out Dexcom‘s glucose screen, which gave me a good idea of the kind of foods and actions that influence my blood sugar, but it’s directed at people who curently have severe diabetes symptoms.


With the new funding, the business plans to get started on shipping its sensor to U.S.-centered customers, making the Veri product available starting this month. Currently, there are over 50,000 people on Veri’s waitlist. A single sensor costs $129, while two sensors cost $199. One sensor lasts fourteen days.

You can also subscribe monthly. For an individual sensor, the subscription cost is €89 ($108 U.S.) monthly.

Anttoni Aniebonam, the CEO of Veri, said the software falls under Meals and Drug Administration’s policy for low-risk devices using its current capabilities.

The food info is captured in-app through images and text. You enter what you ate, and it correlates the result on your sugar levels and then offers you a score of just one 1 to 10. In addition, it integrates sleep and exercise data captured from the iPhone’s health app.

“We started Veri as a result of our own medical issues. Every one of the founders possessed experienced something with their health and wellbeing that they were looking to solve, but most of us were lacking the proper tools to do that,” Aniebonam said, within an email to VentureBeat. “For me personally, the whole lot clicked when I got hurt in my own teenage years. I stopped playing football following the harm and had an extremely hard period balancing my mental and physical health. The down sides ranged from not having the ability to control my excess fat to going to an extremely dark place in my own mental health. I couldn’t find out ways to generate it better and the health care system didn’t really cater for the needs that I had - making a standard of living change, that is.”


Veri is experiencing the crucial dependence on preventative health methods. Poor nutrition may be the leading cause of premature death, and about 88% of folks in america will be metabolically ill. COVID-19 has drawn even more attention to the importance of good metabolic overall health (to manage problems such as for example obesity and Type 2 diabetes). Seventy-one percent of premature deaths globally will be due to chronic illnesses and conditions.

Vimal Ramjee, a cardiologist and director of health at Veri, reported that the company’s solution is like having a nutritionist at your side 24 hours per day, helping you know how your meal and lifestyle selections affect your individual metabolism instantly. There aren’t many tools that may drive genuine positive way of life change like this, said Ramjee, who's also a culinary medicine specialist.

Guillermo Umpierrez, the president-elect of the American Diabetes Association and a scientific advisor for Veri, said in a declaration that Veri is a significant tool to prevent the expansion of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Timo Ahopelto, the founding spouse of Lifeline Ventures, said found in a affirmation that Veri may be the missing piece found in optimizing your health.

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